2 Rare Collectibles in Online Claw Machines You Should Win

What unique stuff you have won from the claw machine game? If you love playing claw machines to win rare collectibles in online claw machines, then you’ll love this online version of claw machines that will give you unique prizes. Though it is an online game, the prize you will get is real.

The name of this online claw machine game is Clawtopia. Players of this online claw machine game are allowed to choose the prize to win before the game starts. You can choose many unique, limited-edition, exclusive, and rare merchandise to win from this online claw machine game.

Rare Collectibles in Online Claw Machines You Can Win

Though this online claw machine game is known for anime merchandise as the prizes, the game also offers many other prizes for all players who can win the game. Some of them are rare and very special. Only Japanese claw machine games can give you these special prizes.

  • Mini cool box

The first of the rare prize to win is this mini cool box powered by a battery. The capacity of this mini cool box from online claw machines is 350 ml which means you can use it to keep a can of soft drink cold and fresh. Three different colors of mini cool boxes are available: red, blue, and also black.

If this mini cool box is out of battery, charge it by using the USB cable. The mini cool box’s original price is USD50. But if you still have a premium ticket, use it to play the online claw machine game and win the mini cool box for free.

  • Vending machine miniature

Another unique and rare prize you can win by playing online claw machines is this Peko-chan toy. It is a vending machine miniature toy available in two different colors: red and pink. This miniature toy comes with coins and miniature snacks. Your little girls will love playing with this unique and rare toy.

The original price of this vending machine miniature toy is USD150. However, you only have to spend USD1 to play the online claw machine game and then win the wonderful prize. Pick this unique vending machine miniature toy as the prize before playing the game.

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