Claw Machine Game Online UK with 3 Real Prizes

Everyone around the world can play claw machine games easily now. The arcade game is available in many countries across the world. You may find one at the shopping mall or the amusement park. And now you can play claw machine game online UK at home.

The online arcade game is designed for players who want to enjoy this game on their Android devices or iPhones. This online crane game is just like the offline version. It requires you to play by moving the claw and getting the prize you desire.

Cool Anime Prizes to Win

What makes this claw machine game online UK unique is the real prize you can get by playing and winning the game. Even though you are living in the UK, you can still win the real prize. The game developer is going to ship the prize you win directly from Japan to your location.

That’s why you need to make an account after downloading the game. Fill in some details like your name and residential details. When you win the game and get the prize, the developer of this game is going to ship the prize to the address details you shared. Here are some prizes you may get

Cute figurine from the claw machine game online UK

The first prize to win will be a figurine from Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World. The cute figurine will have a Japanese style and looks super cute. This is the figurine of Rem, a maid who is serving Roswaal L Mathers. She has a sister named Ram.

Rem figurine has blue hair and is wearing a blue and pink kimono. She looks gorgeous and will complete your anime figurine collection at home.

Deku figurine from My Hero Academia

If you are a lover of My Hero Academia, play this claw machine game online UK and choose the Deku figurine as your prize. This figurine of Deku or Izuku Midoriya will perfect your collection. The figurine of Deku’s original price is $40. However, you can win it for free, use the premium ticket.

Get a storage box by playing a game

If you love Sumikko Gurashi, then you need to play this online claw machine game and then try to win a Sumikko Gurashi storage box. The height of this storage box is 60 cm and it has two tiers. Two versions are available, make sure that you get both of them.

What can you get by playing this claw machine game online UK? The prize you win will come to your location, all way long from Japan.

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