How to Play Specialized Online Claw Machine Collectible

Have you ever felt the excitement of winning a claw machine game? Playing a claw machine is a thrilling experience, both for beginners and experts alike. The specialized online claw machine collectible takes that thrill to the next level.

Not only can you play various challenging claw machine games but also win real, awesome prizes. In this post, we tell about the online claw machine game, and how to play it.

What Is the Specialized Online Claw Machine Collectible?

Firstly, the name. It is called Clawtopia. It is an online claw machine game that enables you to take control of a claw machine through a smartphone and win real prizes. The machines are situated in Japan, while players can be from all over the world.

Players are given a live feed of the claw machine they are playing. The game offers realistic control, which makes it feel like playing a regular claw machine in an arcade. There are 2,000+ prize items, many of which are exclusive collectibles you can’t buy elsewhere.

How to Play

Playing games on Clawtopia is as simple as it gets. The first thing to do is to select the prize you want to win. You can select anything from plush toys, anime merchandises, toys, to electronics, and even food.

The next step is to play the game. It costs $1 to play a game or you can use a premium ticket to play a game for free. There are lots of games to play, each with its own winning condition. Take control of the claw and meet the winning condition. If you win the game, you can claim the prize.

The last step is to have your prize delivered. International shipping is available to 60+ countries. Select between EMS and DHL to ship your prize. And that’s it.

Download Now and Get Your Premium Tickets

The game rewards new players with 5 premium tickets. That means you can play five times for free. If you win while using a ticket, the prize is yours for free.

Customer Satisfaction Team

Facing any trouble? There is a customer satisfaction team ready to help you. The customer satisfaction team is available 24/7 and you can reach out to them via chat. The team will provide you with a quick solution.

The specialized online claw machine collectible makes playing claw machines so much fun. You can play any claw machine you want, anytime and anywhere you like. There are 2,000 prize items and you can win an exclusive collectible for as low as $1.

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