Singapore Economy Growth and Outlook

Singapore economy growth

Since the rebound after the pandemic, Singapore noted that its growth decreased from 2021. Before the country had 7.6% but in 2022 it is only 2.8%. There are some factors contributing to why Singapore economy growth dropped. Here is the outlook on the performance. Singapore Economy Growth Performance Manufacturing Sector The performance in 2022 was … Read more

China Market Trends and Shopping Behaviour

China market trends

The rising population in China is another reason why China market trends are changing. Thus, micro and macroeconomics in China create a new pattern for people to shop and spend their money for a living. Here are some market trends that have happened in China recently. China Market Trends in 2023 Rising Middle-Class China has … Read more

The Future of India Economy After 2030

future of Indian economy

The Indian economy is going strong even though there are some external crises in the world. The country can be independent to fulfill the necessity and has a large population. The future of Indian economy is promising when it reaches by 2030. Why is it promising when the condition is still unpredictable? India’s population increases … Read more

Japanese Prizes from A Claw Machine App Canada

claw machine app Canada

How many claw machine games you have conquered? If you have played all claw machines in Canada, then you need to start playing a Japanese claw machine game. There is no need to fly to Japan to play the game, simply get this famous claw machine app Canada. This is an original claw machine game … Read more

Philippines Construction Market Research: Risks and Opportunities

Philippines construction market research

The Philippine government considers the construction industry a key pillar of the country’s economic growth. It comes as no surprise if the government has heavily prioritized infrastructure development across the country. In 2020, the industry is valued at USD 20.05 billion. By 2026, the value is expected to reach USD 54.12 billion. Philippines construction market … Read more

Philippines Healthcare Consulting: Overview and Opportunities

Philippines healthcare consulting

The Philippines’ healthcare sector is quite sizable. In 2020, the total value of the sector reaches USD 18 billion. The sector is driven by government and out-of-pocket spending. The highest contributor in the country is the National Capital Region, contributing USD 8,399 USD per capita GDP. An in-depth analysis by Philippines healthcare consulting experts can … Read more