The Best and Real Prize Claw Machine App Canada

Nowadays, you can play the claw machine game virtually. This means, you don’t need to go to a game arcade to play this game, but the access is full from the app in your gadget. Among many games, you can find the real prize claw machine app Canada and you still can play it anywhere.

The game is very flexible because you only need an internet connection and some money to buy the tickets. Later, you can play the game with each ticket. Every ticket you have has a chance to catch the real prize in the tube at the merchandise category you have chosen.

The Real Prize Claw Machine App Canada

Action figures

Usually, gamers will try to get action figures since it is the real prize claw machine app Canada. The action figure is something that you cannot get easily unless you go to the area where it comes from. The price of action figures is also expensive, so winning a claw machine game is worth it.

Special merchandise

The special merchandise only launches in the country where it is from. It is usually a limited edition, and you can collect it proudly. The claw machine app provides this offer because it will gain enthusiasm from gamers. For example, the merchandise is watches, cushions, and mats.

Small goodies

Some small goodies in the real prize claw machine app Canada are also worth trying. The goodies, such as keychains and pins are collectible and limited edition from the creators. You can choose this option before playing the game. The claws in the machine are smaller than usual to catch them.

The Benefits of Real Prize

Limited edition

Every time, the type of prize will be different. Once the prize is out of stock, the developers and creators will not make the same prize. Since it is a limited edition, the pride to get them is also different. It increases your collection, especially if you are a big fan.


You don’t need to be scared of the status of the prize. All prizes available are authentic. The creators from the origin country make the merchandise. All of them have a license, so they are not fake stuff. The sale price of each collection is also expensive.

The real prize claw machine app Canada is a game that you can try from the gadget. The prizes are worth your money since it is only $1 for each token you buy. You might not always be lucky, but once you win, the prize is more than you expected.

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