Pokémon Claw Machine And The Lesson It Carries

Claw machine is a classic game found in many places. You can find claw machines in supermarkets, video arcades, movie theaters, restaurants, bowling alleys, and shopping malls. And now you can play Pokémon claw machine at home in the United Kingdom.

Claw machine is a famous game in Asia and Europe. And now this game is available online. You can get one and install it on your smartphone to start playing and winning the prize. The game is called Japan Claw Machine or JCM. It is available for smartphones.

Small and Light Crane Game for Smartphones

When you are looking for the best game for your smartphone, one crucial thing you’ll consider is the size of the game. You don’t want a game that is too big so that it will bother the performance of your phone. This Japan Claw Machine comes with a smaller size.

The size of this game is just 2.4 MB for your Android phone. This size is totally small so your Android phone will be able to run the game smoothly. Another version is for iOS devices. The size of this version is just 7.7 MB. Get the game and play it whenever you want.

Pokémon Claw Machine with Real Pokémon Prizes

Though you are playing this game on your smartphone, you will get the real Pokémon prizes when you win the challenges. Japan Claw Machine is providing extraordinary prizes you can only get by winning one of the game modes. What prizes can you get by playing this incredible game?

Exclusive prizes are waiting for you to win the challenges. One of those exclusive prizes that you cannot buy is a Pokémon storage box with Eevee on top.  This prize is not available for sale. The only way you can earn this prize is by playing Japan Claw Machine for free.

Big plushie is another exclusive prize you won’t find anywhere else but this incredible Japan Claw Machine game. The plushie is not a small toy, its size is 22 cm and it comes in three different figures: Lapras, Minccino, and Clefairy. Get all of these plushies only by winning the Japan Claw Machine game.

An Addictive Online Game for Everyone

This game is for everyone. If you have kids and you want to teach them about life, Japan Claw Machine is a magnificent game you need to consider. The game allows you to teach your kids about patience and strategies that they need to win the game and to survive in the real world.

The Japan Claw Machine also allows you to teach your children about how to manage their money. The game will give you five tickets you can use to play for free. If you are out of those tickets, you need to pay a dollar for each play. Use the game to teach children the right way of managing money.

Pokémon claw machine is not just a simple game. This game gives you the real prizes you deserve and allows you to play with your kids in order to teach them precious lessons. Get the game now from Play Store or App Store for free. 

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