Playing and Winning Dragon Ball Online Game

If you love Dragon Ball, you have to download Dragon Ball online game and play the game. This game allows you to win Dragon Ball figurines. The Dragon Ball game is inspired by the classic crane game you used to play in the shopping mall or an amusement park.

Just like the classic crane games, this digital version of the claw machine also let you get prizes. Many limited-edition merchandises will be yours if you can win each game. Choose your favorite prize and then start moving the claws to get the prize you desire.

The Priciest Prize Ever

Many Dragon Ball merchandises are offered by the developer of the Dragon Ball claw game. Among those prizes, the priciest one is the Gogeta figurines. There are three different versions of the Gogeta figurine you can win by playing the online crane game.

The original price of each Gogeta figurine is USD90. But you only have to spend USD1 to play the game once and win the Gogeta figurine.

Choose one between the blue-, blonde-, or black-haired Gogeta figurine before playing. After spending a dollar, you need to do your best to move the claw and grab the prize you want.

Son Gohan Prize from Dragon Ball Online Game

Goku and Chi-Chi have a son named Son Gohan. He is a prominent character in the Dragon Ball series. If you are one of the true fans of Dragon Ball, you need to play the crane game and then collect this Son Gohan figurine as your prize. Gohan figurine’s original prize is USD40.

Just like the previous figurine, the Gohan figurine also comes in three different styles. All of them have blonde hair and purple and blue clothes. All fans of Dragon Ball need to collect all three Gohan figurines by keep playing the Dragon Ball crane game online.

Cool Green Dragon Ball Figurine

Another prize you can choose to win when playing the Dragon Ball claw game is the Broly Super Saiyan figurine. The figurine has green hair and the same clothes as the ones worn by Broly in the manga series. The price for this figurine is about USD40.

Just like the other two prizes above, players don’t have to spend much money to get this figurine. A dollar to play the game is enough. Keep practicing so that you can get a Broly Super Saiyan figurine easily.

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