Play Exciting Claw Machine App United Kingdom and Be a Claw Machine Champion

So you like playing claw machines. But have you ever played claw machines remotely and won unique items from the heart of Japan? If you haven’t, try the claw machine app United Kingdom. The app allows you to enjoy the excitement of playing claw machines without having to be physically present.

Claw Machine App Lets You Choose Over 2,000 Prize Items to Win

Of course, the excitement of claw machine games is not the only thing you get from the app. It also gives you the opportunity to win unique prizes from Japan.

There are over 2,000 prize items to win. Many of these items are limited edition and exclusive, which makes them even more valuable and worth collecting.

A Small Amount to Play and Win

How much does a play cost? It doesn’t cost a lot to play a game. On the claw machine app United Kingdom, the cost is only USD1 per play. And this cost is flat.

You will pay $1 per play regardless of where you are. Yes, including if you live in the United Kingdom. It is a small amount compared to the prize you can win.

Or Use Premium Tickets

You can also play claw machine games and win prizes for free. For that, you will need premium tickets. The claw machine app rewards new players who have just downloaded it with 5 premium tickets. With each ticket, you can play a game for free. You get to claim the prize if you win, too.

This is a limited-time offer. So, grab the tickets before the offer expires.

How to Play

  • Select Your Prize

Select the prize you want to win. From exclusive, limited edition figurines from various anime series, electronics, soft toys, and toys to food.

  • Play the Game

Play the claw machine game and meet the winning condition. For example, if you play a Bridge Style claw machine, you must drop the prize in between the rods to win it.

  • Claim the Prize and Get It Shipped

When you win, claim the prize and get it shipped to your door via DHL or EMS.

Free Plays for Fun and Honing Your Skill

Want to up your claw machine skill? Maybe some claw machine games you haven’t tried pique your interest? The app has free plays. You can practice a variety of claw machine games as much as you like. It will help you get used to the machine, improve your skill, and increase your probability of winning.

If playing a claw machine excites you, you will love the claw machine app. The app allows you to enjoy the excitement of claw machine games and win real, unique prizes from Japan.

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