Play Clawtopia and Win Prizes for Free

In some public places like shopping malls and amusement parks, there are usually claw machines or crane games everyone can enjoy. Visitors or malls or parks can spend their time and money playing those cool games. Now, the online version of the game, Clawtopia, is available.

It is an online shape of a crane game you can play on your iPhone or Android device. The game is available both on the App Store and also on Google Play Store. And the good news is this game is available for free. Anyone can get the game as long as their device supports the game specifications.

Why Downloading Online Crane Games

If you can play the crane game in any public place, why do you have to download Clawtopia? Because this online game offers so many advantages for its players. Those who want to try playing a claw machine for the first time need to pay to start playing the game.

And sometimes, the player doesn’t get the prize they want after winning the game. Those are some classic issues if you play the offline version of a crane game. If you play the online version, you will get these advantages:

Free Tickets from Clawtopia

The game developer is going to give you five premium tickets. Those tickets belong to new players who never tried playing the game. All new players can use the premium tickets to play the online crane game for free. If you can win the game, the prizes you will get will be shipped to your house for free as well.

After using all five premium tickets, you can still play your favorite crane game on the phone. However, you need to spend a dollar for each play to win the prize you want. With this one dollar, you will be able to win exclusive gifts from Japan.

Wait for Your Prize

Keep playing and winning Clawtopia and you will be able to get real prizes from the game developer. The game’s center is in the heart of Japan. So, when you win exclusive prizes from the game, the prizes will be shipped from Japan. This means you will only get original products.

Clawtopia is the best online crane game for everyone. It offers tickets that let you play for free and win prizes for free. You can also get real prizes by winning the games. All of those prizes come directly from the heart of Japan.

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