Online Pikachu Claw Machine Canada: A Fun Game with Exclusive Pikachu Prizes

When you are visiting a Canadian amusement arcade, you must remember to try the Pikachu claw machine. This claw machine looks outstanding with its Pikachu soft toys. This machine does not only offer cute prizes, but it also offers a fun gaming experience.

This particular game is also available online. If you never tried it before, you must try it now. This online Pikachu claw crane is different from other online games. And it has more things to offer than the real claw machine has.

Pikachu Claw Crane Highlights

The online Pikachu claw crane is the online version of a real Pikachu claw crane in the arcade. The two machines are connected to each other. Therefore, if you play the online claw crane, you are controlling the real machine remotely via the app control buttons and the live video you watch via the app.

This online game has been downloaded more than 30 million times so far. Based on these numbers of downloads, you can be sure that it is a great game. The online claw crane also has real prizes for the winners. About 10 millions of prizes have been sent to the winners.

Why the ratio of the numbers of downloads and numbers of prizes is only 3:1? It is not because the game is difficult to win. However, it is because numerous players only play the unlimited free practiced games, not the real game.

As a result, they don’t receive their prizes. The online Pikachu claw crane is actually easy to play. It is also fun to play.

Benefits of Playing Online Pikachu Claw Machine

The online Pikachu claw crane offers more benefits compared to the real one. One of them is that it gives you opportunities to win exclusive and limited edition Pikachu prizes.

The developer of this game has a right to deliver exclusive merchandise from the Pikachu creator because they have an exclusive merchandising contract. As a result, collectors of Pikachu merchandise must try to win the prizes available in the game if they want to have a rare collection of Pikachu items.

Another good thing about the online Pikachu claw crane is that it is only a tap away. You dont need to go to the arcade or wait for the arcade to open to have fun playing the claw machine. Moreover, if you play it from home, you can play this game with better comforts.

Ticket Price

You can play the practice games available in the online Pikachu claw crane if you do not buy the game ticket. Consequently, you will not have any chances to get the real prizes.

If you want to have opportunities to win the real prizes, you must buy the game ticket. The price of this ticket is only a buck. It is much more affordable compared to the price of the exclusive Pikachu prize. 

Where to Download

Since the online Pikachu claw crane is compatible with Android smartphone and iPhone, you will be able to download it at Google Play Store and App Store. This app is free to download so that you don’t need to download it from a third party website that offers the free APK version.The online Pikachu claw machine is a fun game to play. If you download this app now, you will have a chance to get free game tickets. Therefore, you can save your money when you are playing this game for the first time.

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