Online Claw Machine Win Real Prizes in 3 Options

Online games will help you enjoy your days at home. Among so many online games available on Play Store and App Store, only Japan Claw Machine you can trust as an online claw machine win real prizes. This is an original online crane game from Japan that will prize you with real gifts.

Japan Claw Machine comes with five different machine types. Each machine type has its own game style and difficulty level. All machines allow you to enjoy the game and win the original limited prizes from Japan. What are the machines available in this game and what prizes can you win?

Various Electronic Prizes for the JCM Winners

Japan Claw Machine has bridge style claw machine, ping pong ball claw machine, treasure hunt claw machine, hang and hook and shake claw machine, and bounded claw machine. You will never get bored playing this outstanding online crane game at home. What about the prizes offered by the JCM?

The Japan Claw Machine offers so many prizes for the winners. The prizes should be chosen before the player starts playing this crane game. Among so many prizes offered by the JCM, below are some real prizes you can win.

1. Waterproof video camera complete with its stand arm

This is the best real prize you can choose if you love traveling and recording everything you see. The camera comes in four different colors you can choose according to your desire. It is a waterproof camera meaning you can use it while diving or swimming.

The original price of this waterproof video camera is USD 30. Use the premium tickets to play the online claw machine win real prizes. The premium tickets allow you to play for free and get the prize for free as well. Once you win the game, wait for the JCM to ship the prize to your home in Canada.

2. 350ml Mini Cool Box with USB charging

Another prize to win for the travellers is a unique mini cool box that can help you cool your canned drink. This cool box can hold and cool a 350 ml canned drink. To use this cooler you need to connect it to any power source using a USB cable. This prize comes in 3 different colors.

Mini cool box’s original price is USD 50. But you must only pay for USD 1 to play the Japan Claw Machine game. If you can win this unique technology from Japan, the JCM is going to ship the prize you win via EMS or DHL.

3. Wireless earphone

The Japan Claw Machine game also has a limited edition wireless earphone you can choose to be your prize. This USD 40 earphone comes in two color options only, black and white. Choose this earphone as your prize and start playing the online claw machine win real prizes.

If you cannot claim the prize you deserve, contact the Japan Claw Machine’s customer satisfaction team. They would love to help you get your prize shipped all the way long from Japan to Canada.

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