Malaysia Technology Trends for Better Business and Lifestyle

Industries in Malaysia has important role in gaining national economy. To optimize business profit, the industries must implement technology. Malaysia technology trends absolutely offer many business opportunities for industry players. 

Technology development definitely affect business and consumer behavior. Moreover, the covid19 pandemic forced people to change lifestyle. In this case, the technology becomes the key in transforming conventional lifestyle into modern one. 

Malaysian Technology Development

Basically, the technology trends in Malaysia have started to rise. Information and communication technology always undergoes advancement in certain period because the technology development will keep on going. The technology will become the main asset in the future. 

In the future, the Malaysia technology development surely will get bigger. The government encourages technologies industries to improve their business. They will focus on internet of things, big data analysis, creative technology and cloud computing. 

A lot of industry players want to enter Malaysian market by emphasizing technology segment. Fundamentally there are two main factors that affect Malaysia technology trends. They are mobile access and internet. 

Malaysian citizens, millennial generation in particular mostly spend their leisure time by accessing internet via any devices. The ease of accessing internet encourage them to get everything they need instantly through application. 

With internet, they can easily access entertainment such as online game, movies, social media, music and other streaming services. They can even shop goods via application. This high technological platform offers new lifestyle. Thus, e-commerce, fintech and other application expands significantly.

The Statistic of Malaysia technology trends

Technology trends in Malaysia refers to not only internet, but also other media. It is true that the internet access dominates the technology industry trends. Between 2014 and 2019, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of internet access achieved 13.4%. It exceeds other technology industry trends.

In the same period, internet advertising reached 12.7% and other types of advertising hit 10%. On the other hand, the video games gained 7.4% and TV advertising achieved 4.4%. Of course, the statistic will help investors calculate precisely if they want to invest in technology industries.

Advancement of technology undoubtedly changes the Malaysia consumer trends. Technology, telecommunication and media are basic components to improve business service so the companies can provide products or services that meet consumer trends.

Business Strategy to Boost Technology Industry

Technology industry is one of business opportunities in Malaysia. It leads investors and other industry players to develop and expand technology industry. The technology industry belongs to promising businesses. Hence the smart industry players should determine the best business strategy. 

Sometimes it is hard to find employee who really expert in the business advancement. However, Market Research Malaysia has professional team with deep understanding of Malaysian market. They will find business strategies to win the market and expand technology industry. 

They will provide advisory services on artificial intelligence, 5G network, digital media, cloud computing, big data, internet of things, advanced analytics, virtual and augmented reality. Because they have experience to deal with competitive threats, then it is good choice to collaborate with them. 

In order to adjust the futuristic lifestyle, Malaysia nurtures the technology companies to grow higher. The technology trends in Malaysia lead the industry players to improve their business by leveraging latest technology. 

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