Japanese Prizes from A Claw Machine App Canada

How many claw machine games you have conquered? If you have played all claw machines in Canada, then you need to start playing a Japanese claw machine game. There is no need to fly to Japan to play the game, simply get this famous claw machine app Canada.

This is an original claw machine game from Japan. Claw machines in this game are in Shizuoka. Since it is a Japanese game, the prize inside the claw machine will be original prizes from Japan. What will you get from this unique online game? Will you get real prizes from the game?

A Game with Outstanding Prizes

Only by downloading and playing one online game, you will be able to get plenty of real prizes. The claw machine app Canada is offering prizes inspired by Japanese anime. What makes the game more special is that each player can choose the prize to win before the game even starts.

After selecting the prize you want, you can start playing and winning. When you finally win, the game maker is going to access your personal data to ship the prize to your home in Canada. What prize can you win from the game?

Anime figurines from the claw machine app Canada

Since this is a Japanese claw machine game, you will get the chance to win Japanese anime figurines as your prize. Plenty of figurines can be yours. For example, there will be Demon Slayer figurines, One Piece figurines, Dragon Ball figurines, Pokémon figurines, and so on.

Even though those figurines are in Japan, you don’t have to pay for the shipment. If you win the prizes, the maker of this claw machine game is going to ship them from Japan to your home. This game will ship prizes to more than 60 countries.

Win electronics and Japanese original snacks

This claw machine app Canada will not only give you original anime figurines from Japan. Other categories of prizes are also available. For example, there are electronics like a camera, a mini cooler box, and wireless earphones to win the game.

Or you can also opt for Japanese snacks to be your prizes. You can win instant ramen noodles, calpas or sausage snacks, and other snacks from this game.


This claw machine app Canada is the most unique game for all claw machine lovers across the world. The game is from Japan but it will send the prize to more than 60 countries. Ready to get your prizes from this online claw machine?

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