Knowing Indonesian Culture before Building Indonesia Management Consulting

Asia is where developing countries are in and one of those countries is Indonesia. As a developing country, there are needs of Indonesia management consulting in order to help the organizations there improving their management which leads to the improvement of the country. But first, we must understand the style of management in Indonesia to know what this country’s management needs.

Indonesians are used to show their respects to superiors or elders and this culture is adopted in management system. Managers have a role to accept superiority position and then use that position to advance group’s or organization’s aims. In Indonesia, decisions must be made by managers and also be conveyed to the subordinates, in details.

Once the subordinates got the instructions, they are expected to carry out instructions very precisely. Even if the decision that has been made or the instruction is flawed, subordinates will keep following the instructions. No subordinate is going to disagree with manager. Managers in Indonesia are also expected to take care of the group interests and individuals’ interests.

Helping Managers in Indonesia Improving Their Organization

Since Indonesians see their manager like they see their father, manager carries serious responsibilities that may make them stressful. Managers may need advices from Indonesia management consulting more than managers in developed countries in Asia. If you’re running management consulting in Indonesia, there are things to help you help those managers.

Show your respect

When facing the managers or the organizations in Indonesia, it is crucial to always showing respect for organization’s hierarchy. Respecting the senior managers is extremely important. When top level manager is asking for a help, respect him by not asking middle ranked employee to help him.

Be extremely patience

Many organizations in Indonesia are built of combination between nepotism and hierarchy dependency. No wonder they can be truly complicated. Extra patience will be needed when facing those organizations.

Express your emotion

Managers get the respect from their subordinates not from issues oriented on task but from emotional concern for their subordinates. By building a good relationship managers will get the respect. To gain respect from your future Indonesian clients, you may want to deepen you relationship with them.

Respect the meetings

Meetings are like sacred moments for most organizations in Indonesia. Use your soft voice to speak and never show emotion during the meetings if you don’t want your Indonesia management consulting firm losing its clients.

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