How to Play Claw Machine App and Win

Games now become super famous. Categories of games vary so that many people can play their favorite games. One of the most famous games is the claw machine or crane game. It may look simple but is hard to win. Now, the claw machine app can be played on your smartphone.

There are many unique things about online claw machines. You need to install the app on your Android phone or iPhone first. And then you can keep playing and winning all the prizes you desire. But how come an online game provides a real prize? Check out some unique facts about it here.

Steps to Win the Real Prize

The first step will be getting the claw machine app from the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the smartphone type you use. This is a free app so you don’t have to pay when downloading and installing the app. This first step is super simple and you can finish it quickly.

But then there will be some other steps to take to win the real prize inside the online crane game. Make sure that you do all the steps below to win all prizes they offer.

Run the claw machine app and make an account

Run the application and then make sure that you fill in all available fields that appear on the screen. Some details you need to share include your name and your address. They are going to use your address details to ship the prize you won from the game. Make sure that you update the address detail.

Choose the prize in the claw machine app

This online game will let each player choose the prize to win before the game starts. This means you are not going to get a random prize from the game. The prize varies and has different categories. But all of them are exclusive prizes from Japan that you will never get from any other place.

Play and win the game

Now you must play the claw machine or crane game on your smartphone. There will be five different modes of the game you can choose and play. Each mode will offer different levels of difficulty. To win the prize you have chosen, you need to win the game. Play seriously and you will win.


This claw machine app is a fantastic and special game. Each player can choose the prize before playing. And then the player will get the prize as soon as he wins the game. Just make sure that you do your best to win.

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