Entering the Promising Japan Automotive Industry in 2021

The year of 2020 was a hard year for the automotive industry in Japan. At that time, this country reported a decline of 11.6% in vehicle sales compared to 2019. However, Japan automotive industry has shown a positive recovery in the Q1 of 2021.

This positive trend has started since January 2021 when the vehicle sales reported a 6.8% increase. In total, 1.4 million units have been sold in the Q1 2021. It almost reached the Q1 2019 sales amount that was at 1.5 million units.

Time to Seize the Promising Opportunity in Japan Automotive Industry

Since there is a positive trend in the Japanese automotive industry in Q1 2021, it is predicted that this trend will continue until the end of this year. Therefore, it is the best time for foreign investors to enter the Japan Automotive Industry.

Japan is the third biggest automotive industry in the world. Japanese vehicles can be easily found across the globe. The reason behind these vehicles’ popularity is that their manufacturers offer modern innovation each year. 

There are many automotive companies in this country. They produce various vehicles, such as passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, construction’s vehicles, ATVs, and engines. Of course, each of the companies has different performance and market shares.

In consequence, investors need to assess them properly so that they can invest their capitals on the most promising Japanese automotive companies. As a result, they can avoid investment loss and gain high ROI instead.

How to Seize the Opportunity

To seize the opportunity presented by the Japanese automotive industry successfully, investors need the assistance of Japan automotive mobility consulting firm.

How can this firm help foreign investors to seize the opportunity?

  1. The Firm Offers Accurate Data in Japan Vehicle Sales

The automotive mobility consulting firm has comprehensive data on Japan vehicle sales. For example, they know which is the top selling car brands and the top selling car models in different periods of time.

In the Q1 2021, the best selling car brand is Toyota. Meanwhile, the best selling car model is Toyota Yaris. Toyota sold almost 440.000 units in Q1 2021 and around 67.500 of them are Toyota Yaris.

  1. The Firm Offers the Accurate Data Analysis 

An automotive mobility consulting firm is not only providing raw data for its clients, but the firm is also offering accurate data analysis based on the presented data. As a result, investors know what happens in the industry and what to do to enter the industry.

  1. The Firm Help Investor Creating and Implementing the best Investment Strategy

In order to help their clients seize the investment opportunity successfully, the consulting firm will assist them to create the best investment strategy. The firm also helps their clients in implementing their strategy to make sure that they apply it properly and get the highest ROI.

Japanese automotive industry is one of the most resilient industries. It can be seen from the fact that this industry can recover quickly after the covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, investors will likely gain profits from their investment on Japanese automotive industry.

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