Dragon Ball Z Claw Machine with Exclusive Prizes

If you consider yourself a true fan of Dragon Ball Z anime from Japan, you should start playing the Dragon Ball Z claw machine. This is an online game that allows you to win many Dragon Ball prizes. the prizes range from plush toys and figurines to Dragon Ball Z snacks. Interested in winning the game?

There are so many characters in Dragon Ball Z that inspire the real prizes of this online crane game. if you keep playing the game and winning all the prizes, you will get exclusive prizes that will be shipped to your home directly from Japan. These Dragon Ball Z figurines are some prizes you can win.

Win Android 17 Figurines from The Game

Android 17 is a character of Dragon Ball Z. He has a twin sister called Android 18. When you start playing the online Dragon Ball claw game, you will figure out that there are two figurines of Android 17 you can choose to get. Both figurines have different looks.

The first one has an orange scarf and brighter blue jeans. This one is inspired by the character of Android 17 from the anime. And the second figurine has a red scarf and pale blue jeans. This figurine of Android 17 is inspired by the same character but from the manga series.

Play Dragon Ball Z Claw Machine to Win Chi-Chi

Another prize you will get by playing the online crane game is a Chi-Chi figurine. In the anime, she is the daughter of the Ox-King and Ox-Queen. Then, she marries Goku and has two kids: Goten and Gohan. If you are collecting the figurines of Goku’s family, start by winning this Chi-Chi figurine.

The Chi-Chi figurine you will get from playing the online Dragon Ball claw game is wearing a blue bikini, boots, and gloves. She is also wearing a cape and helmet. In the anime, this is the appearance of Chi-Chi when she was younger.

Get King Piccolo Figurine from The Online Game

You can also get the King Piccolo figurine if you keep winning the online crane game. This King Piccolo figurine looks cooler than the appearance of King Piccolo in the anime. You need to get this figurine since King Piccolo is the main antagonist of the Dragon Ball Z anime series.

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