Clawtopia: Best Play Online Claw Machine in Australia from Japan

Many crane games or claw machines out there are trying to steal your money and won’t give you the prizes you desire. But Japanese claw machines like Clawtopia: best play online claw machine in Australia will give you awesome prizes even though you live in Australia.

It is an online game that you can get from the App Store or Play Store and allows you to play the game on your mobile device. Different claw machines inside this online game are all real machines and they’re located in Japan. However, you can play it from your home in Australia and still get real prizes.

Clawtopia: Best Play Online Claw Machine in Australia

The Japanese claw machine game allows you to get real prizes as long as you know how to move the claw properly and grab the prize you want. Crane games or UFO catchers or claw machines require you to master the claw if you really want to get the prizes.

This Japanese online claw machine allows you to win real prizes for free if you know how to master the game. Below are some awesome tips that will help you win real prizes from Clawtopia, the online claw machine game from Japan.

  • Know Your Own Strengths

What makes this online claw machine game more special is the available machines you can play. Inside this game, five different machines are available. All machines will give real prizes for free if you still have premium tickets. After trying those machines, you’ll know which one is the easiest one for you.

Some machines demand a lot of skill and high accuracy. Though some machines may look easy, they’re actually very hard to win the game and real prizes. If you’ve tried several times and one or some machines don’t give you the prize you want, move to another machine in Clawtopia.

  • Choose the Best Prize

It is crucial to compare between the money you’ll spend and the prize you’ll win. The Japanese online claw machine game allows you to choose the prize before playing. Some prizes are limited-edition collectibles while others are exclusive prizes.

Exclusive prizes mean those prizes are only available in Japan and you can’t get them anywhere in Australia. Those exclusive prizes can be yours only by spending USD1 for each game.

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