Claw Machine Game Online with Five Fun Game Modes

Shopping malls and supermarkets are some places where you can find arcade games like claw cranes or claw machines. But now, you don’t have to visit those places to play your favorite arcade game since there is a claw machine game online.

All you need to do is install the online version of claw machine or claw crane. And then you can play your favorite claw machine game every time you want. The game is available for free so you don’t have to pay to get the game. Learn more about this awesome online game below.

Various Modes in Claw Machine Game Online

Online claw machine

In order to help you have fun with this outstanding online game, this game offers five different game modes to play with. Those modes will excite you every time you are ready to run the app and start playing. Here are the five modes you can play.

  • Bridge Mode

This mode requires you to move the claw and then grab the prize you desire. Then there will be a drop zone that has some rods blocking the way out. You need to drop your prize between those rods in order to win the game and get the prize.

  • Ping Pong Ball Mode

In this claw machine online mode, you will see the prize you want and a bowl full of ping pong balls in yellow color. Your job is to grab those balls using the claw and then drop them to the drop zone. If you can drop the ball into the yellow color hole, the prize will be yours.

  • Treasure hunt Mode

There will be yellow chains connecting your prize with a black chain. You need to claw the black chain and then drop it to the drop zone in order to win the prize. Unfortunately, this claw machine online mode is not that easy since there will be some other black and yellow chains in there.

  • Hang and Hook and Shake Mode

In this mode, you will see some prizes you desire. Each of those prizes has a pink ring on top of the prize. In order to win that prize, you must move the claw and then hook that pink ring before dropping the prize to the drop zone and win it.

  • Bounded Machine Mode

The drop zone of this machine will have rubber bands. You must drop your prize on the drop zone until it slips through those rubber bands.

Those fun and exciting game modes allow you to train your ability to win the claw machine game online with various challenges. Download the game now and play those free modes everyday.

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