Cambodia Chemical Regulation Impacts on The Country’s Industries

Cambodia chemical regulation seems to adapt to the changes in the market due to the pandemic that happens since March 2020. Cambodia is currently improving its power supply so that energy and chemical play important role in the growth rate of the country aside from its main key driver industries. 

Renewable energy has marked for 65 percent of the country’s total energy consumption. Due to the increased use of energy and chemicals, the government is now working with the regulation of hazardous materials so that the country can keep citizens and the environment remains safe. 

Cambodia Chemical Regulation Making Progress

Currently, the government working group in Cambodia still discussing strengthening the draft law related to the management of hazardous goods including poisonous chemicals as well as flammable materials used in the industries. 

Revisions are made to make sure that the regulations can protect not only humans but also animals and the environment from those dangerous substances. 

Currently, this draft regulation is still in the process of consultation before actually being approved by the National Assembly. The adoption of this law is intended to improve the management of hazardous goods. This law will help reduce the risks in the manufacturing, storage, export, and import of those goods. 

Government is also concerned about food safety by monitoring the import and export so that they don’t contain any dangerous chemicals. If the government finds any of them, they will urge the authorities to remove the food products from supermarkets as well as other vendors. 

The Potential of Chemical Market in Cambodia

Due to the high potential of the chemical market in Cambodia, there are many market research services offering helps for those who want to enter the market. It includes the development of chemicals in the 4.0 industry and their sustainability in the economic sector. 

Cambodia market research acts as expert consultants that will help any business to face any market challenges and guide them to have the best strategy in entering the industry of Cambodia. Through a hands-on operation, a business can receive practical insight into the market. 

Since Cambodia is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, businesses will be ready to face any potential changes and competitions that happen in the market which is assisted by Cambodian marketplace insights. 

The Progress of Chemical Sector in 2021

Cambodia estimates to start recovering at different paces in 2021. The most significant development made by industrial production that marked by 7.1 percent this year was supported mainly by garments, electronic manufacturing, and footwear. 

Agriculture which is also considered to be a large industry in the country raised by 1.3 percent as a result of higher crop production and an increasing number of aquaculture exports to other countries. As the agriculture industry recover, the use of agrichemicals may follow the improvement as well. 

The progress of agriculture along with the process of chemical regulations will help people to convince in joining the Cambodia market. Cambodia chemical regulation proves that Cambodia is concerned about the safety of people and businesses to take part in multiple industries in this country. It supports a better outlook for the Cambodia market in 2021.

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