Add the Rarest Pokemon into Your Collection by Winning Pikachu Claw Machine

Pokemon characters are really popular worldwide but have you had the most special collectibles? If not, you should try playing Pikachu claw machine and win the prizes. Doing so surely will allow you to get the rarest collections of Pokemon characters that are different from the other Pokemon collections.

The Pokemon prizes you will get from this game are all limited edition. They are not sale anywhere and only can be obtained if you play the claw machines and become the winner of them. So, will you skip this great chance to collect some of them?

Easy Chance to Win the Game

It is easy to win this game as you don’t need to go the arcade and just install the game app in your phone. Download this claw machine game app in your phone either from Google Playstore or App Store. This game app so far has been downloaded by more than 31 million people. 

If you download you can get a limited offer that will increase your chance to be a winner. You will get 5 premium tickets that require you to choose any Pikachu machine to play for free. It’s time for you to play now and catch the prizes as many as possible. 

Types of Prizes to Win in Pikachu Claw Machine

Once playing with the game, you have opportunity to win Pokemon merchandises regardless of where you come from. Most interestingly, all the Pokemon prizes that you win from this game are all exclusive and authentic. They can be shipped internationally although you are in Canada

Among wide variety of Pokemon merchandises that you can win plush seems to be the most popular types. They came in various sizes such as mega big 42 cm Kabigon plush cushion, 22 cm big plush Pokemon characters that can sing, and Pokemon friends’ 9 cm plush. 

It also comes in another type such as Pikachu plush slippers that are comfortable to wear. There are also other Pokemon prizes that can be useful for your daily life such as Pokemon flip calendar, Pokemon storage box Eevee, and Pokemon eco bag. 

You also have the chance to get a die-cut 100 cm big towel with Pokemon characters, Pokemon colorful pop wrist watch, and Pokemon face pouch. 

How to Win the Prizes

Winning the prizes is as simple as playing with this claw machine. Here are the steps you can follow to win the game. 

  1. You need to open the claw machine app have been installed in the phone and select the prizes which is Pokemon merchandise you like to get.
  2. Each prize requires you to win a different claw machine game so you need to play with it.
  3. Try as best as you can to claw the prizes and win the game. Make sure you hold the claw well and get the prizes you want. 
  4. After you successfully win the game, the prizes will be shipped into your address directly from the manufacturer using DHL or EMS. 

Pikachu claw machine is the best way to add the exclusive Pokemon figurines and toys into your collections and you will be different from other Pokemon collectors. 

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