7 Tips to Win Crane Game Online

Playing a crane game is fun and all. Even more so if you can win it. Still haven’t figured out how to win a crane game? We are here to help. In this article, we will tell you some tips you can try to win a crane game online.

7 Useful Tips that Will Help You Win the Game

1. Watch the Winning Replays

There are some websites that allow you to watch the winning replays. This allows you to see what is currently happening in real-time.

At the same time, you can use it to find out which items that are easy to win or those that can be won in one try.

Do keep in mind that when you find a machine that might be easy to win, the chance that you will be able to play it is rather slim. Why? Because other players will notice the machine’s win rate and thus, watching it. You might have to wait before you can play the machine.

2. Be Familiar with the Crane

Since you are using the crane to win, you need to be familiar with it. To be familiar with the crane, spend your first round moving the crane around. This lets you know how much freedom of movement you have.

Don’t forget to take note of the angle at which the crane’s claws open. The more familiar you are with the crane, the better your chance of winning the price will be.

3. Know the Crane’s Strength and the Prize’s Weight

Since the goal of this claw machine game online is to make the prize drops, it is important to know the strength of the crane and the weight of the prize.

Tips Win Online Claw Machine

By knowing these, you can estimate the best spot to lift the prize, thus potentially saving your time and money.

4. Lifting Is Not the Only Way to Win Crane Game Online

Yes. Although the crane is meant to lift the prize, it doesn’t always have to. In some situations, you can win by “stabbing” the prize and making it fall. Alternatively, you can also use the crane to drag the prize. 

5. Watch How Others Play

It is a good idea to see how others, especially experts, play. You will gain insights on what to do and what not to do to win.

6. For Free Plays

Sometimes, you will get free plays with which you can win a prize for free. The best way to take advantage of these free plays is to play the game that you know what to do. If you are lucky, you can win a prize in a single round for free.

7. Be Patience

Last but not least, be patient. This is a game. Winning and losing are both normal. There are times when you will, there are times when you lose. Don’t think about it too much. Just have fun. You can always try again and win the prize you want.

Those are our tips to win crane games online. A crane game can be difficult to win if you don’t know what to do. Now that you do, it should be easier to win your desired price. We hope this helps. Have fun and good luck!

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