3 Ways to Play Claw Machine Game Online

Modern claw machines were manufactured by Taito and Sega in the 1960s in Japan. Since then, many people would love to play this challenging game and gain prizes. Today, the claw machine game online is available, you can play the crane machine at home through your smart device.

Online crane games come in so many options, but the best one would be Japan Claw Machine (JCM). This online arcade game can be found in the App Store and Play Store. Get the app only from those stores to make sure you are using the right and secure app.

Various Types of Crane Games in One App

The Japan Claw Machine game is a unique app that comes with several different game styles. Those various game styles will help you enjoy the crane game without getting bored. What are those game styles you can try once the JCM is installed on your smartphone? Here are some of them.

The Bridge Style Claw Machine

This first game style is where the prize you desire is displayed aboard. Then there will be some bards positioned between the board and the camera. Players who want to win the prize displayed on the board must take the prize and drop it between the bars or rods.

Use the claw to take the prize you desire and make sure the prize can pass the bars. That prize will be yours if only it can pass the rods. If you can make it, Japan Claw Machine is going to ship the prize you won to your house in the United Kingdom.

The Hang and Hook and Shake Claw Machine

Another way to play the claw machine game online is also challenging. This game requires you to move the claw and make it hook a pink rink that is attached to the prize you desire. Once your claw hooks the pink ring, you need to carry it above the hole.

The next thing you should do is shake the claw until it releases the pink ring. That prize is going to be yours if you can drop it into the hole. What prizes can you win by playing this unique game? One of the various available prizes is the wireless earphone.

The USD 40 earphone will be yours for free as long as you can play the game using the premium ticket provided by JCM for the new players.

The Bounded Machine Crane Game

Finally there is a hard game style you have to try if you consider yourself one of the best crane game players. The claw machine will display some prizes, including the one you desire. Then there will be a square hole covered with a huge X made of rubber bands.

The goal in this game style is to drop your prize until it passes the rubber band. If you drop the prize on the rubber band, the prize should be returned to its initial position. Which game style of the JCM claw machine game online is the most interesting one for you?

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