3 Characters All Call Center France Agents Must Know

11,200+ Call Center Agent Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock | Call center, Customer service, Call center officeEvery country in Europe is very special. Before entering the European market, you need to research everything about the target country in that continent. For example, if you want to enter the France market and involve call center France agents, you need to know customer behavior in the country.

French culture is totally different from American culture. If you come a long way from America with no detail about customer behavior in France, you may end up going home with nothing in hand. French culture affects people’s characters and their behavior. Check all facts about French customers here.

French Customers That Call Center France Must Learn

France is the 7th biggest economy in the world based on its GDP ranking. The country also has a unique consumer base that is sophisticated and diverse. French customers are actually very easy and similar to customers in other countries in Europe. Below are some characteristics of French customers.

  • Independence and frankness

Frankness or honesty is the first characteristic of French customers. This characteristic is related to the independence of the country. The French Revolution makes French customers love to raise their voices, express themselves honestly, and speak up.

Call center France agents need to know that French people will express their issues directly, just like customers in German and the Netherlands. The freedom of speech makes customers in France would love to tell customer service everything that comes to their mind loudly.

  • Love questioning and debating

French customers are not scared to ask questions. Those people love challenging those who are speaking. Every single thing can be a subject of discussion and debate. Also, French customers are ready to challenge everything and anything.

For French customers, a debate is a healthy process that may result in more ideas. Make sure that your call center France agents are ready to answer your French customers with the best answers. If your French customers are looking for solutions for their issues, call center agents should have the best ones.

  • Details, facts, and numbers matter

French people love to put back everything in order. They also love to structure their thoughts. It affects their trust in salespeople and marketers. French customers will focus on the core message and ignore anything else that is irrelated. The call center should inform details they need clearly.


Call center France agents must be able to understand what French customers want from them. French people appreciate honesty and they love to ask questions and debate. Every call center should be ready to answer all those questions.

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