3 Amazing Prizes from Dragon Ball Z Game

Shonen is a type of Japanese manga and anime that belongs to boys. There are so many manga series you can find in the Shonen category. One of them is Dragon Ball Z. If you also love this manga, you’ll love the Dragon Ball Z game that will give you various Dragon Ball Z prizes for free.

There are so many video games that carry the name of Dragon Ball Z. But you should play the original game and get the original Dragon Ball Z prizes. The best game to play is the online claw machine game since this unique online game allows you to play and win all Dragon Ball Z merchandise you love.

Online Claw Machine with Dragon Ball Prizes

Though you play this amazing online game at home, you’ll still get the original Dragon Ball Z prizes. Every time you win the game, the game developer is going to send you the exclusive prizes directly from Japan. One unique prize you can win is the Vegeta figurine.

Vegeta is the prince of Saiyan since his father is the king in Vegeta planet. The online claw machine game is offering this Vegeta figurine for those who can win the game. The original price of Vegeta figurine is USD 30 but you cannot buy this prize. You must keep playing until you get the prize for free.

If you describe yourself as a real fan of Dragon Ball Z, you’ll do your best to win this Vegeta figurine since your first attempt.

Play Dragon Ball Z Game to Win Broly Figurine

Another incredible character in Dragon Ball Z is Broly, a powerful Saiyan mutant who is also Paragus’s son. Broly is the latest one of the legendary Super Saiyan in Universe 7. As one of the fans of Dragon Ball Z, you should collect the entire Super Saiyan figures, including this Broly figure.

The figurine of Broly is a little more expensive than the previous figurine. Broly figurine’s original price is USD 40. Unfortunately, there is no way you can purchase this figurine to complete your Dragon Ball Z collection. Download the Dragon Ball Z claw machine app and start playing immediately.

Choose this Broly figurine as the prize before you start playing. Move the claw machine through your phone and win the figurine. Clawtopia will send this Broly figurine you win to your home.

Play Online Game to Get Offline Game

The next prize you need to choose before playing the online claw machine game is the playing cards. The USD 20 playing cards are available for free in the online claw machine game as long as you can win them by using your premium ticket. The premium tickets are for the new users only.

Get Dragon Ball Z game by downloading Clawtopia for free on the App Store or Play Store. Once the app is installed on your phone, start playing and gather as many figurines and prizes as possible. Use your premium tickets wisely since those are your tickets to win the prizes for free.

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